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A two-way radio is simply a radio that can both transmit and receive. In broader terms, most of voice wireless communications systems, including cellular system, fall into two-way radio definition. In this web site, two-way radio refers to radio system mainly used for group call communication.

With various wireless technology options and two-way radio being one of the “earliest” wireless technologies, one may question whether two-way radio is still a viable technology today. The answer is yes and the following are the 2 key points that uniquely differentiate two-way radio to other wireless technology.

Instant Communication: This instant communication capability is one of key factors of why many organizations rely on two-way radio for their tactical or operational communications.

Group Communication: User doesn’t need to repeat the same message over and over again if he/she needs to convey to more than one user. In addition, two-way radio performs the group communication using minimum RF channel resources. If all of users reside in the same area, most of the time, you only need one channel resources to talk to these hundreds of users.

Alpha radio is also a type of the two way radios. It comes under the communication systems which are used for long range navigations. Alpha is a commercial two way radio with fashionable digital style. It can be personalized with color choice, standby time, double charging slot design user integration etc. It is used to handle the busy communication in a better way and enhance the performance. Alpha is hand held radio so it’s easy to carry. It is a beautiful, stylish and comfortable communication tool for users in restaurant, emporium and entertainment area.

It is difficult to find many manufacturers of these communication systems in India. A very few suppliers, distributors and manufacturer are here in India who are interested in selling communication products such as UHF, VHF and Alpha radios.

There are different sectors and areas where alpha radios are used and perform very well as a communication tool. Here are the main areas and uses of alpha radios:

  1. Hotel and Restaurants: The modern and digital style of Alpha two way radio is light weighted, easy to carry and suitable for the fast paced service industry. When you are in a complex environment its advance feature help you to work freely. You can speak into the radio and can provide on-site service to your customers.
  2. Shopping Plaza and Super markets: The fashionable, commercial and two- way alpha radio is easy to handle, carry and help you in smooth communication at these areas.
  3. Entertainment Places: At these places you can easily find yourself in a complex situation in that cases alpha radio can help you because of high quality and advance features.
  4. Property Management: It is also useful in property management activities. It helps in clear communication and easy to carry on distance places.

Advantages of two way alpha radio:

  • Reliable and long distance communication range
  • Private channel for two way communication
  • Decrease the chances of wrong communication being to transmitted to the related job workers
  • Durable and not easy to break
  • Good battery life and made to work for long hours
  • Easy to operate two way radio
  • Advance features to improve the work performance
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Two Way Alpha Radios

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This article was published on 2012/03/03