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Radio today sucks. It just does. I love music. I don't love hearing the same 80's rock all day long though. If I have to hear one more AC/DC song or something by Twisted Sister, I'll go back in time and make sure that Dean Schneider played the fiddle. The main problem with modern radio is that the freedom is gone. The large corporations are pushing a little too hard. Yes, they make lots of money by playing the same twelve songs all day long, but come on.

Music as a whole is suffering because of it. I challenge you to write down over forty different songs in a day, even twenty. Good luck. The same 80's power ballads are played multiple times in a day. Where is the new music? By new, I mean songs by artists I haven't heard. Not the next Nickelback hit that they cut from their money making cookie cutter. I'm almost at the point where I'm going to put a country CD in just to ease the suffering.

I never witnessed it, but my dad says radio used to be cool. There was some rockin' guy who'd spin the tunes he felt like playing that night. A DJ now presses play on his pre-loaded list that the big corporations are pushing with everything they can muster. Good morning! Here's your daily dose of AC/DC and Twisted Sister.

The small time stations just can't compete. It saddens me that there are is an unending supply of new amazing artists just waiting to be heard. Bands like Sphongle, London Elektricity, Animal Collective, The Mountain Goat, Fever Ray, and Movitz. Where is a station that plays their music? There isn't one. If I heard a new song on the radio I would be ecstatic. I need my faith renewed in radio. I've slowing been growing less and less fond of the whole radio idea in general due to the the executives in suits. Everything is getting less personal now.

Let's stop a random person and play what they have on their MP3 player day. That sounds exciting! Also, these companies are missing an influential group of people that is only getting stronger. People aged 14-25 have no real way to relate to the songs they hear. I didn't grow up to these songs, they mean nothing to me. I'm not alone in this. We need new music. The executives can still make their millions and drive their Lamborghini, all we ask for is some variety. Surely I'm not alone. What do you think?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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