Securing Endless Indexed Annuity Leads is Simple

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Securing endless indexed annuity leads is simple.

1) Do your own ½ indexed annuity radio show.

2) Combine it with any other lead program.

3) Use an automated drip system to follow-up on all leads.

Your radio show should generate about 20 leads per month. And it should produce revenue about 2 to 5 times the costs. But there is much more to your radio show than just the profits from the leads. It provides you the ultimate branding tool. Most consumers view a radio celebrity as an expert (or at least somewhat knowledgeable). As such, any other type of marketing is enhanced by your radio presence.

For example, if you are purchasing leads, advertising in your local newspaper or doing financial seminars, you can utilize your radio presence. For seminars or newspaper ads you should mention the fact that you have your own Safe Money Retirement Show on KCBS radio. Plus every follow-up letter should highlight the fact that you are on the air.

Additionally, there are now automated drip systems that will send follow-up correspondences to your leads. All you do is "populate" the online database (you provide prospect contact information) and then the letters, emails and voice broadcasts go out automatically. After the prospect has been touched 6 times, you or your appointment setters will have more success in securing the appointments.   The average agent who purchase or generates their own leads may get about 300 leads per year. Perhaps 20 of those leads turn into sales which means that 280 do not. With the automated drip system (that charges about $1 per correspondence), you end up sending out 6 correspondences to the 280 untapped leads.

Finally, you may also use the automated drip system to follow-up on existing clients. So imagine this, you sell 30 indexed annuity clients during the year. Every prospect opts for the fixed strategy for the first year. So when combined with the bonus of 4% they make about 8% in the first year. One would expect happy campers after 12 months. At about 10 months, you start your drip campaign mentioning the benefits of indexed annuities. The last is correspondence is received after the 1st anniversary after the prospect has seen their account grow by 8%. Now is the time to ask for a referral. How about offering a meal for two to the one-year-old buyer at a luxury restaurant if the buyer sets a meeting with their friends at a lunch group, golf group, bridge club, etc. What a great time to get in front of their friends. Don't you think this would make for a powerful offer? Just at the time the buyer is most content with his/her purchase? This is the time to strike. This is when the buyer is most willing to parade you in front of their friends.

And it all starts with your radio show. By being on the air you receive instant credibility. Plus one more thought. Consider this, what if you can't get "good" airtime. Then you simply use your indexed annuity radio show as a "loss leader". Let's say you buy time at 2:00 am in the morning when no one listens. Fine, radio will not generate leads for you. But you still have a strong resume (your radio show) which can be used to enhance anything else you do.  

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Securing Endless Indexed Annuity Leads is Simple

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This article was published on 2010/04/01