Radio Radio All Around! Moving Or Stagnant, It Surrounds!!

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We hear the radio all the time in the car while going to work or dropping kids to school or when on a date, or in the lorries or trucks when the overnight journey is lightened up with the songs in the radio or when the all of a sudden thump music wakes us up while driving, and saves us from accidents! We love the radio and certain songs and certain radio channels have memory associations with us such as sometimes it reminds us of the good old days, sometimes you recall that the talks of the Radio Jockey lifted your mood and how your problems were solved just by listening to the radio for five minutes. But, Radio is actually more than that.

The radio we listen to, is just one way communication, it is a broadcast receiver and comes under broadcast media just like Television. But, the other radio which is a part and parcel of our daily lives is the one in which communication is both the ways we not only listen, but other also listen to us. Well, if you have been thinking too much, let me tell you that this kind of a communication is just the same as your telephonic conversation, or it sounds like? Well, yes it is. The cellular phone (mobile phone) you use is a transceiver - a radio which not only transmits, but it also receives, also known as a two way radio.

These two way radios may be of many types depending on the channel simple and duplex depending on the number of channels; analog and digital where the former is used to communicate in the form of different sounds as signals and the latter gives out text messages to communicate signals (these are popularly used for marine services and the like) and so on.

These radios may or may not operate on batteries. For the above two way radio battery version is definitely the best option, because these require constant movement and stagnant position can hamper the whole purpose of using these devices. Different batteries must be used for different brand and models of radios, for eg. A maxon radio batteryfor a model x may not fit into a Motorola radio battery for a model y.

But there are other two way radios which may not require battery. Many of us have the phone lock system installed in our homes so we talk and the other responds, without any phone carrier charges. Why? Because this is an example of two way radios.

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Radio Radio All Around! Moving Or Stagnant, It Surrounds!!

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This article was published on 2011/02/16