Radio Dynamo - Could Your Survival Hing On a Radio Dynamo?

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Radio Dynamo - the Emergency Radio You Need

When it comes to survival in times of emergencies, tragedies or just plain convenience the radio dynamo can either be a lifesaver or it can be a total nice thing to have on hand.

These handy little do-dads got their first breath of life way back in about 1830 when a gent named Michael Faraday invented the generator. As with almost all inventions they are diving board for many more to come.

Dynamo radios work form a hand crank generator creating low direct current, low voltage. This simple simple feature makes these radios an excellent choice for emergency and survival tools.

Dynamo flashlights, radios and phone re-chargers all operate from the same principle. The big benefit is these products do not need an outside power source and do not need batteries to operate. They do have an internal battery that stores the charge from the dynamo.

Other scientists have used the law Faraday discovered to design the dynamo, to produce direct current and electrical switch known as a commutator. The Commutator reverses the current periodically charging an internal battery.

The dynamo flashlight is great survival tool and is a must have for emergency kit in the home and car. No survival kit is complete without at least one of these tools.

The radio dynamo may carry more than one feature. That is it will serve more than one function. Most have a flashlight feature. A great little benefit to have if you are in the dark without any other source of light and you need a bit of light to see what you are doing.

Some also come with other features like cell phone chargers and/or emergency sirens. Cranking can give you varying amounts of time for service. Cranking for five minutes may give you half an hour of radio time or flashlight time etc. They are not great for every day use, but you cannot beat them with a stick when it comes to having tool of necessity when in a bind for some light or to know what is going on in the world around you.

Whether you are in your car, at home, in a boat, RV, camping, office or someplace in between the radio dynamo flashlight is an indispensable addition to your survival kit.

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Radio Dynamo - Could Your Survival Hing On a Radio Dynamo?

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This article was published on 2011/01/08