Promote Your Business Using Internet Radio

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What is Internet Radio?

Much like traditional radio programming, internet radio is much the same. It is delivered to listeners via a continuous stream over the web. Users can access the programming on "stations"or websites that host either one individual show or many shows over varying topics. Internet radio is different from podcasting, in that users do not have to download the programming. The shows stream freely without a media device needed. Some online radio shows are connected or a part of a traditional radio network or show while others are independently owned and operated.

How can I Use it to Promote My Business?

By establishing programming on Internet radio that gets your brand and message out to consumers. Businesses that create programming that resembles talk radio can find a great deal of success through this medium. Programming can be established as a weekly, bi weekly or even monthly event for your company. You can feature experts or guests or you can have past or present customers talk about how they utilize and benefit from your products and services.

There are Internet radio stations that closely resemble social media outlets as well. Listeners are invited to interact with the hosts and participant of your radio program. This helps you to better guide your programming and better determine what the market would like to receive from you. The key to providing great programming could be as easy as using the content or scripting from an infomercial your company has had success with in the past.

One great benefit of broadcasting on popular internet radio stations is the large amount of traffic they receive. A savvy business owner knows that regardless of the format or content you chose to present, the most important thing you can do is direct people back to your website or business. This is where the real benefit of this medium come into play.

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Promote Your Business Using Internet Radio

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This article was published on 2010/03/28