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The Portable People Meter — PPM. Love it, hate it, fear it, don't have PPM in your market (yet) — If you program a radio station, we now have a much clearer picture of how your audience uses your station. A close analysis of PPM data reveals a number of things you can do right now to increase your ratings, regardless of the measurement methodology used in your market.

You Will Learn:

* Exactly what is the Portable People Meter (PPM) and how does it work?

* Which programming elements cut through

* The single most effective way to increase your ratings

* Identifying and eliminating "thorns in the paw"

* How to reduce clutter and excess DJ chatter. (The answer is not "shut up and play the music.")

* Things your radio station is doing that you need to stop immediately

* Listener Programming Expectations

* How the placement of your commercial break can cost you listeners

* Language that drives listeners away

* How to avoid Programming Dissonance

* "Mic Flight": What it is, how to avoid it

* Listener tune-out cues

* "Do I still need to say the call letters, or is that clutter?"

* How on-air guests affect your ratings

* How to program against the iPod

* The 20-Minute PD Success Test

* "Pay me now, or pay me later"

* The most common reason for a station's cume to erode

* Why P1s are more important than ever

* Why traditional PDs will be outgunned by fresh new PDs who don't have the old baggage

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"I expected this to be the typical Arbitron dance. Gary actually gave me actionable steps to ensure my ratings remain strong from quarter hour to quarter hour. Great information!"

"We don't have PPM in our market, but the information is great and useful anyway!"

"Really useful. I never thought that on-air guests can influence ratings the way Gary demonstrated. Great!"

"There are no plans for PPM to start in my country, but it's great to find out how listeners actually use radio. Gary's research on on-air interviews was invaluable."

"Being in charge of music for both Country and AC stations, this was one of the most valuable speakers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The insights offered in terms of clock design, stopset placement, etc., were astounding. Not to mention the tips we can bring back for our jocks in terms of break length and tune-out factors."
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Ppm Radio Portable People Meter - Ppm Radio Ratings

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This article was published on 2010/12/07