My Radio Display Says 'code' On My Honda, What Does It Mean?

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So your Honda radio display says CODE, don't be alarmed. Hondas and a few other manufacturers have an anti-theft code for your factory installed radio system. It is meant to deter thieves. However it is more of a hassle for us, the consumer. The radio code is a five digit code on a card, like a library card, which is usually put in a booklet with the owners manual.

If your Honda was purchased brand new, your salesperson should have gone through the details of your radio code with you during the delivery. However, if you purchased your Honda pre-owned you may have to learn the hard way. Hopefully the person you bought your Honda from still has the radio code and transfers this information to you. If you bought your Honda from a dealer, make sure you get the radio code. If all fails, don't waste your time by going to your closest dealership, because the radio code is given only to the original selling dealer. Some dealerships may delete the cars information from their system if it is not active in their database.

You are in luck if your car is a 2003 model or newer. This new feature was added making it easier for the owner to retrieve the radio code themselves. The first step is to hold down on the first and last buttons of your radio pre-settings for 10 seconds. This will then generate a code on the display, please note that this is not your radio code. Take this code to a Honda dealership of your choice where the service or parts department can take this information and help you to retrieve your radio code. Unfortunately if your car is older, then it is a little more difficult. You will need to remove the radio from the deck and get the serial number printed on the back of the radio. This may be an expensive approach as pulling the radio out should be done by a technician, which could cost up to $90 to $120.

As minor as this may seem, you will surely need this information if your car battery should die. It can be as easy as calling your original selling dealer and talking to the service department to help you retrieve it over the phone. However be prepared to answer a series of security questions. Once you have your radio code, be sure to keep this information in a safe place.
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My Radio Display Says 'code' On My Honda, What Does It Mean?

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This article was published on 2010/11/06