Measuring Internet Radio Traffic

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Do you in the know which internet radio stations have made it to the top three? You may question the manner in which the performance of internet radio stations is measured. What technology is used and how data are validated are quite interesting topics when figuring out which internet radio stations are among the best and most listened to.

Ando Media is a company that helps internet radio station gauge their performance and at the same time converts their audience to sales. Some of its technology includes Webcast Metrics, Ad Injector and PodLoc. This company was founded six years ago and has since been purchased by Triton Media Group. Just recently, it released its ranking for August, the latest that they have so far which is based on the results given by Webcast Metrics platform. Using a platform to monitor audience data, Webcast Metrics enables Ando Media to convert this data to metrics which makes it easier for station, publishers and advertisers to understand. Following, is a list of the three most listened to internet radio stations.

The number one position is owned by CBS Radio Inc. which includes AOL Radio and Yahoo LaunchCast registered to have 160,741 average active sessions. CBS Radio is the largest radio broadcasting company in the United States with in excess of 100 stations. It is a division of CBS Corporation. Its name has been changed as well as its partners through the years.

The second slot belongs to Digitally Imported Inc., it has sixty four thousand average active sessions. This company was one of the pioneers in the internet radio broadcasting industry which has been branded as one of the best electronic dance music radio stations on the internet. It has 32 streaming music channels that play various types of dance songs.

The third ranked station is with an average of fifty two thousand active sessions. Both an online music and online radio station network, it provides eleven streaming internet radio stations playing the hits of the fifties up to the present. Considering, that it has the least number of stations available, it must have the most number of average active sessions per station compared to the two highest ranked stations. This rounds out the top three free online music stations.

Apart from the listening experience, 977music has integrated a social networking platform which allows its members to connect with each other sharing their passion for music. Each member is given his own social media profile on which he can create their own playlist of up to 1,000 songs. There is also a blog section where you can get just the essential information about the music you like as well as the top artist list and their biography for you to learn more about them.

The primary metric used to evaluate the performance of each station is the average active sessions, it is the average number of people that are listening to a station at any one point in time. This data is averaged, over a specific time period to yield the average active sessions metric.

With these metrics, each station's performance can be measured and compared to other stations or to its own performance from a different time period.

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Measuring Internet Radio Traffic

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This article was published on 2010/12/19