How to Select a Digital Clock Radio

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A digital clock radio is a handy addition to any room in the house. They are available in a range of prices and features. To find the best one for you, first consider where and how you plan to use it.

If you are looking for a radio for the kitchen, you will want to find one with good sound quality and easy to read numbers. Listen to the display model to determine the quality of the speakers. See how easy it is to adjust the tuner and how well it holds the signal. You should also look for ease of operation to turn the radio on or off as well as to adjust the volume. Make sure the numerals are large enough and bright enough to be read from anywhere in the room and in any light.

A radio that will double as an alarm clock needs different features. If a snooze alarm is high on your list, make sure it is easy to find in the dark. See how many times you can use the snooze bar before the alarm will stop. Check how easy it is to reset the time you want the alarm to begin. You may also want to choose one with the option of waking to music or to a buzzer. For a bedroom clock, you might want to purchase one with a dimmer switch for those nights when the bright light is interfering with your sleep.

For all digital clocks, but especially those used for an alarm, a battery backup is preferred. This keeps you from having to reset the time whenever there is a momentary power outage. It also makes sure that if the power is interrupted, the alarm will still sound.

You might also like to have a sleep timer for a bedside clock. This allows you to drift off while listening to music and the radio will turn off at the predetermined time. When selecting a clock with this option, see that the times offered will fit your needs, since some are preset at very short periods. Also make sure that you can use the sleep timer while the alarm is set so that you do not have to switch from one feature to the other.

You can find a digital clock radio in a rectangular shape, a square, or with more contemporary designs such as pyramids and trapezoids. The space you have available is one factor in deciding which style to purchase, but personal taste is often the primary consideration. Sleek, shiny styles have a slightly futuristic look, while fake wood grain cases offer a bit more of a traditional feel.

If you want more options than just a radio, you might be interested in a digital clock radio that will also play cassettes, discs, or both. These are more expensive than those that just have a radio. Look for ease of operation as well as sound quality when purchasing these types.

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How to Select a Digital Clock Radio

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This article was published on 2010/04/18